Fans of fantasy liteature and fiction of a generally unusual nature, here is a place to park yourelf and read for a while! I am S.E. Nordwall and this is my personal site featuring excerpts from full-length novels I have written and am trying to promote as well as short stories that I've written for fun (free to the public in their entirety). I even have a section reposting a selection of my derivative works (fan fiction) - some of which you may have seen elswhere around the Internet.

If you're here for the fan works, I have only posted pieces that I feel to be my best here. If you are here out of curiosity regarding my original works, thank you and happy reading! My email is posted at the bottom of this page for commentary and feedback. I am not afraid of constructive criticsm. I've been on the Internet for a long time, so I'm open for good, bad and ugly. Links are below to browse at your leisure.

Rating: My stories are young adult and adult (but not "adults only" ) speculative fiction. As such, they may strike some as "clean and wholesome," while others may think of them as having triggering themes. One of the posted short stories, in particular, has a subtext about senseless violence in the modern world. While I find my work less violent than some of the published young adult fiction I have read, I still feel the need to make potentially sensitive readers aware of general level of what is there.

About the Author

Novel Excerpts

A World of Rusted Dreams: Chapter 1

Mira is a fourteen-year-old girl who lives in Rust, a town surviving on the remains of an ancient city. Discontent to remain there without having at least one great adventure in her life, she summons a Guardian from the Heavens to protect her on a journey to her nationís capital, Resurrection. Guardian creatures are commonality for the people of Rust, so, Lazarus - Miraís new horned-lion with giant leathery wings - does not strike people there as strange at all. This is not so in the outside world, where most people do not believe in Guardians and therefore do not see them. This is the first chapter of Mira's journey.

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Malarkey and Belinda: Chapter 1

Welcome to Tyrgea, a world populated by mythological beasts and long since colonized by human beings whose civilizations have been steadily crumbling. Belinda is a servant in the favor of the lord of her small nation. She is charged with the care and raising of another of her lordís slaves Ė Malarkey, a rudely-named gryphon who is the first successful attempt of the kingdomís mages at resurrecting an extinct species. Neither is happy with their lot in life and, together, they help each other to find freedom. This is the first chapter of their journey.

The Featherchaser: Chapter 1

The world of Mistaire is one that runs on sacrifice. Akelle is a boy who has come of age within the high walls of a sheltered scared country where he was taken to be a human sacrifice when he was very little. The time has come for him to fulfill that duty by taking upon a quest that will lead him into the lands beyond. He chooses not to take up the sword or conquest - but to seek out and catalog birds and other animals. Even such a simple thing prooves the most hazardous of journeys as he alters the world in ways unseen. This story is currently being edited.

Short Stories

A few of the better short stories I have written. While my novels run a little more along the vein of traditional "fantasy," my short stories to be a little more magical-mundane or "surreal" in quality.

With a Clockwork Heart

Chain lives in a parallel world where the local scientific advancements have allowed humankind to divide into two distinct and mutually-dependent races. Chain has been chosen to be elevated from the working class into the "Elites." This involves alterations to the heart to "dull fantastical and overly imaginative passions." Chain wonders about life before and after the alterations. Also, there are giant cats.


A "creative non-fiction" or "fictionalized reality" exploring the art of fishing from the perspective of a rock bass. Inspired by my own experiences fishing - I tend to keep and eat my catches.

Sola's City

The city was devoid of human life. The world, for all apperances, had ended. Far from feeling sad or frightened about it, Sola had never thought the world so beautiful.


A story about a man who experiences an unwanted resurrection and must live with the changes in the world and in the memories of those that loved him that have happened in his period of abscence.


This tale follows an old woman suffering from a "spiritually"-connected mental illness in a society that distruts anything that is immaterial. Her son seeks to forcibly cure her even though she has no wish to be cured. A little something exploring concepts of illness and identity. This story was the first in a series set in an otherworld I never quite built up to my satifaction, but it stands alone.

Second Floor Rear

Horror/ Humor. An autobiographical account of how I survived a zombie uprising.

Illustrations and Covers

A selection of various artworks illustrating my novels and stories including some mock-covers I created for fun.

Fan Fiction

A selection of some of my better derivative works. I have never profited from any of these and unlike my original pieces, I do not seek to ever experience monetary exchange for these. All of the intellectual properties I have done fan work for are, as far as I know, ones where the creators turn a blind eye to the popular phenonmenon if not actively encourage it in their fans. I have posted only what I feel to be a selection of my best pieces here, as my fan work can be found elswhere on the Internet. Unlike what is the stereotype for fan fiction, my works are primarily centered upon general adventure and drama, not romance.

Bone Art Site

A link to a site showcasing some of my most unusual art. This is art utilizing things from nature - turned surreal.


Comments? I welcome feedback, constructive criticism included.

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